Men’s Shoes

A Few Different Kinds of Mens Shoes and Their Background

Although all types of mens shoes could be divvied up an innumerable number of ways, for our purposes there are three subsets of mens shoes: dress shoes, casual shoes, and boots.


Boots are – well, boots. Although boots are usually more clunky than dress and casual shoes, they can serve as both of these categories. To very broadly categorize these types of mens shoes, there are: heavy-duty work and outdoor boots, dress and casual boots, and steel-toe boots.

While work and outdoor boots are different and not necessarily interchangeable, many work boots can be used for outdoor uses, including hiking to long treks through the outdoors not involving hills. The quality, make, and features of work boots are mandated by various governmental agencies throughout the world. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration serves as the overseer of work boot standards in the United States of America, along with virtually everything else imaginable related to workplace safety, a governmental agency started more than four decades ago. Timberland and Doc Marten are two examples of mens shoes manufacturers that make fashionable, comfortable work boots.

Although steel-toe boots are always a type of mens shoes intentioned for hard, physical labor, the aforementioned work boots might not always have steel toes. These mens shoes are almost always heavy and clunky, albeit safe. Some are made out of reinforced, sturdy plastic rather than steel, making them more lightweight than their steel-toed counterparts.

The LL Bean Boots, a specific make of mens shoes that are stylish, resistant to moisture and standing or running water, and of great tread for ice and snow, are unarguably one of today’s most popular boots. Many college-aged men – and women – wear them, thanks to their relatively low price and hardly unrivaled versatility.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are those worn in business formal or casual dress codes, although these mens shoes can also be used in everyday, truly casual wear – if they’re matched with clothing appropriately. This type of footwear is typically made out of black, brown, or reddish leather, meant to be matched with like-colored leather on belts, watch bands, and other accessories or garments crafted from leather. Similarly, any metal on this form of mens shoes should match belt buckles, glasses, watch casings, and other pieces with the same colored metals.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are ones worn everyday. If mens shoes look tacky with a collared shirt and a tie or a suit jacket, they’re most likely casual shoes. However, casual shoes are arguably the most versatile: tennis, running, skateboarding, boating, driving, lounging, slip-ons, and velcro are some of the most popular versions of these worldwide-worn mens shoes.

Brief History

Thong sandals crafted out of grass, thatch, vines, and other grassy or plantlike material were some of the first popular shoes. Mens shoes  adorned with all types and sizes of buckles took over up until the late 18th century. Lastly, in the early 1900s, when work conditions became of concern in the United States and elsewhere in the world, government agencies began to control and oversee the manufacturing of mens shoes and everything else related to workplace safety.

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